Cast of Characters

The Snarkist

The Snarkist is a rabid enthusiast of all things historical and/or romantic-al, including historical romance. She enjoys books, coffee, Adderall, and Panera Bread’s free WiFi.



Spock won The Snarkist’s hand in marriage after defeating Hugh Jackman and Ewan MacGregor in manly combat. He enjoys brownies, libertarianism, and RC planes. He confuses Jane Austen with Jane Eyre.  His mortal enemy is lactose.




Tracy started this. She made me read Outlander. She took me to see Diana Gabaldon. She has ruined my life.

Thanks, Tracy.

When not operating a Roaring 20’s speakeasy, she can be found scrolling through Tumblr, snorting like an asthmatic pug. Her hobbies include decorative swearing, cosplaying, and texting me links at 2 a.m. (DING DAMMIT DING!)

Tracy sucks